10 traditional Greek dishes to fall in love with

July 7th 2019 10 traditional Greek dishes to fall in love with

Greek cuisine is known the world over for both its wholesome taste and healthy properties and during your stay at Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat you will have the opportunity to try out a range of such dishes. In the region of Argolis, the local produce has its own distinct flavor and is used in the preparation of traditional Greek recipes with a local twist. Be sure to try out some of our favorites from the list below.

  1. Tirokafteri (or kopanisti as it is also called), is a spicy, mashed feta cream or dip best enjoyed with fresh village bread.
  2. Gigantes (butter beans) baked in the oven with fresh tomato, onion, parsley and spices are a slow-cook, but well worth the wait.
  3. Tiropitakia, or small cheese pies, are mouth-watering morsels of filo pastry filled with feta cheese, eggs and fresh dill. Crispy, tasty and always best when homemade!
  4. Papoutsakia, which literally means "small shoes", are individually cooked portions of moussaka made of baked eggplants with a meat ragout filling and a nutmeg flavored cheese sauce topping. Need we say more? 
  5. Pastitsio is Greece's answer to lasagna and a very popular comfort food. Made with thick spaghetti, minced beef and topped with a scrumptious cheesy béchamel, it is a big favorite that you must try at least once.
  6. Kokkinisto, or beef cooked in tomato sauce, is a really tasty way of serving meat as the cut is usually infused with cloves, all spice, fresh Greek tomatoes and even wine vinegar. After simmering in the pot with the sauce, the beef can be served with rice, pasta or potatoes.
  7. The traditional Greek "horiatiki" (village) salad is a major staple of daily life in summer and is always found on the table at lunch and dinner. Its beauty lies in the way the fresh tomatoes are chopped and mixed with fresh bell peppers, red onion, sweet summer cucumber and feta, all of which are drizzled with lashings of extra virgin olive oil, good quality vinegar and wild oregano.
  8. Gkogkes are a local type of seashell-shaped pasta, which are often served with sage and lots of grated manouromyzithra cheese (a hard white cheese with a mild flavor) tossed in olive oil. Simply delicious!
  9. Grilled or marinated octopus is one of those summer treats that is enjoyed all over Greece and Calamari in batter is also a must-eat that constitutes the quintessential accompaniment to a glass of aromatic, aniseed-infused ouzo.
  10. Fish is abundant in Greece and best enjoyed just after it has been pulled from the sea. Try crispy fried whitebait or anchovies, tasty red snapper, charcoal grilled sea bream with lemon and olive oil dressing or meaty sea bass.

More authentic Greek specialities, prepared with seasonal, organic and local ingredients, can be enjoyed in our Farm-to-Table Restaurant. Don't forget to take some local products home with you as a reminder of your visit to Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat and to the region such as wild honey, orange marmalade, wild fig jam and olives. Graviera cheese and soft cheese are also worth picking up and the local ouzo or tsipouro is a special blend not to be missed. Each sip and morsel will bring back flavorsome memories of your unique stay!

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