Erkundung der antiken Stadt Korinth

Dezember 13. 2019 Erkundung der antiken Stadt Korinth

The region of the Peloponnese is steeped in vibrant history, much of which is centred around the ancient city of Corinth. Back then it was a superpower, and now it's a coastal gem which sparks awe and delight in its beholders. Less than an hour's drive west from Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat and near the Corinth Canal, this reminder of antiquity in the West Peloponnese region is absolutely worth a day trip.

The ruins of Corinth surround the Temple of Apollo, which was once one of the largest temples in Greece's mainland and received visitors from far and wide. This imposing structure signified the growth and prosperity of the city; some artefacts found there are over 6,500 years old, so this is one of the most ancient settlements in the entire world. Always drawing the attention of its era's most prominent civilizations, it was even taken over by Julius Caesar in 44 BC, and his influence shines through in its Roman architecture. The city was also blessed by a visit from Paul the Apostle in 51 AD.

Overlooking these ruins is Acrocorinth, the acropolis of Ancient Corinth, a structural smorgasbord of various time periods of Corinth's history. This is surrounded by reinforced walls to this day, built thousands of years ago to keep attacks from pirates and unfriendly neighbours at bay. Many civilizations of old have conquered and been conquered here; Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, Ottomans and more have left their mark on this fortress. Before you walk to the top, make sure to pay a visit to the ruins of the ancient Corinthian Agora and the Theater of Corinth, built by the Romans, where various tragedies and plays were reenacted hundreds of years ago.

Learn more about every phase of Corinth's history by participating in a guided tour of the area, during which talented historians can share in-depth knowledge on the adventures that took place there.

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