Die Küstenschönheiten Poros und Galatas

September 26. 2020 Die Küstenschönheiten Poros und Galatas

The Peloponnese region is rich in seaside gems and idyllic isles, with Poros and Galatas completely worth the visit! Laid-back vibes, gorgeous beaches, picturesque country lanes and sweeping Aegean Sea vistas framed by aromatic pines… Immerse yourself in rustic beauty by visiting these off-the-beaten-track destinations. 

Begin your journey at Galatas, in the Troizinia-Methana municipality and just an hour’s drive from Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat. This coastal town provides a nostalgic glimpse of the Greece which many have forgotten, with its authentic cafes, bakeries and tavernas open year-round. It’s most well-known for the nearby Lemon Forest, unique in the entire country; a refreshing walk through its shady groves reveals old watermills and a waterfall, which lend it its ethereal character. Driving east leads to a handful of sandy beaches, the most popular being Aliki, with shallow, calm waters and a water-sport centre nearby. It’s easy to while the day away waterskiing, but the Galatas waterfront is inviting as well. Spend the afternoon here to watch the lights of Poros, the welcoming neighbouring island, come alive as evening falls. 

Reach this scenic destination by taxi boat, which runs every 10 minutes or so all hours of the day. There’s always something going on in Poros Town, its bustling centre of activity; pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum to peruse relics from the entire Peloponnese area, as well as the nearby Temple of Poseidon. The remnants of this Grecian place of worship can be found in the centre of the island, surrounded by olive trees and covered in flowers during spring. For a bit of exercise, climb to the Clock Tower, a defining landmark which was built in 1927 and attracts photographers year-round for its enchanting Aegean Sea views.  

If you’re craving a refreshing dip, you’re in luck; the beaches here are magnificent. Love Bay is covered in soft sand and tiny pebbles, with its calm waters sparkling in a stunning emerald green. For fans of beach volleyball, Askeli Beach is organised with a beach bar, umbrellas and lounge chairs, as well as a court with a net for hours of fun in the sun. Vayiona Beach is more secluded, with intriguing underwater ruins of an ancient city just a few metres from the shore. 

The natural and cultural beauty of Poros and Galatas are truly breathtaking. Make your next visit to Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat unforgettable by discovering the wealth of captivating destinations nearby.

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