Die wunderbare Vogelwelt von Nafplio

November 29. 2019 Die wunderbare Vogelwelt von Nafplio

During the months of autumn, Nafplio's warm, welcoming climate attracts many visitors, not few of which are of the winged variety. Those who walk along the coast of this scenic town may glimpse more than Venetian architecture. Stunning birds can often be seen in the sea, many of which are native to more tropical temperatures and are merely here for a short stop on their migration journey, some even endangered species. Take a short drive to Nafplio from Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat to observe them before they take flight.

Few visitors to Nafplio know that it is actually a frequent stop in the migration pattern of flamingos. This year, their journey brought them right in front of Bourtzi Castle itself. Despite their slender appearance, flamingos are actually very durable and can withstand conditions that most animals cannot. In fact, alkaline and highly saline lakes are their favorite habitat; once there, they feed on blue-green algae which most would find to be highly poisonous. This is not the case for these fascinating birds, which can consume it in large amounts. This unique underwater growth is the source of their pink color, which they acquire over time.

In the shallow coastal waters of Nafplio, hundreds of black-winged stilts are known to land during spring months, transforming the waterfront into a viewing spot for stunning birdlife. Though only 35 cm in height, these radiant creatures can be easily pointed out because their long red legs are not tucked in during flight; their black wings and white bellies also provide a contrast that makes them hard to miss. The population of Argolis feels truly grateful for this yearly visit from such a breathtaking endangered species of wildlife.

Another bird in need of our protection, the black stork, has been seen in the wetlands of Nafplio. A meter in height, this impressive creature is sure to grab your attention; it usually prefers its solitude, building nests in tall trees in the woodlands, so it has been quite an honor to catch such a close glimpse of it.

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