15 août à Nauplie

August 4th 2019 15 août à Nauplie

The most romantic time of summer is almost here. The August Full Moon is the ideal occasion for you to organize an unforgettable trip around the wonderful villages and the town of Nafplio for your loved one, during your stay at Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat.

In all cultures, the Full Moon has always been a symbol of completion, of balance and empowerment of the human psyche, and as its light is shining bright the darkness of the night sky seems to fade away. With the Greek word of the moon being "Selini", originating from the word "selas" which means light, the Full Moon for Ancient Greeks was linked to fertility and birth of life. Life begins all over again every month, marking a new beginning.

Evening falls and the warm shades of the summer sun succumb to the majestic beauty of the moon. While it slowly appears behind the Palamidi Fortress, the picturesque town of Nafplio invites you to stroll around the beautiful little streets, or take a walk at the seafront before finding the perfect spot to enjoy this summer phenomenon.

Culture enthusiasts are welcomed to drive all the way to Palamidi Fortress early in the afternoon and challenge themselves to climb all of the one hundred steps just to be there on time to see the moon dance its way on the sky under the romantic tunes of the music programme planned for this special day. For this specific occasion, the archaeological site of Palamidi will be open to visitors from 20:00-24:00.

This year, your getaway to Nafplio entails also the perfect opportunity to discover the traditions of Argos, as the Dormition of Mary or "Dekapentavgoustos", one of the most important celebrations in the religious Orthodox calendar, also takes place on August 15th. This day marks the moment when Mary, Mother of Christ, ascended to Heaven and is widely celebrated around the country.

Every year on this day, visitors from all around the country arrive in Argos and follow the road to the Byzantine Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi in Aria, a small village only 3 km from Nafplio and 5 km from Pyrgiotika, to take part in the Epitaph procession around the monastery. Early in the afternoon, the nuns residing in the monastery start chanting the hymns dedicated to Holy Mary, creating a devout setting, which adds to an already touching experience.

Whether you choose to participate in the cultural happenings, giving in to the romantic effect of the Full Moon or get to know the rustic and religious side of the villages around Nafplio, your visit to Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat in August is bound to be unique!

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