Art d'automne à Nauplie

October 6th 2018 Art d'automne à Nauplie

Art lovers should take the opportunity to mix a weekend break with a visit to some of the exhibitions on show in the town of Nafplion, which was once the Capital of Greece and has continued to retain its aristocratic status and appreciation of all things cultural.

From the old to the new, there is something for everyone, including younger visitors, who will find a range of activities designed to stimulate their creative energy.

Begin at the Nafplion annexe of the National Gallery, an impressive neoclassical building worth visiting in itself that houses historic works of art relating to the Greek War of Independence and a range of temporary exhibitions. This autumn visitors can also enjoy a beautiful collection of watercolours by Paris Prekas, a well-known Greek artist, under the title “Poetic Aspects of Greece”. Also worth visiting is the Peloponnese Folklore Museum, a private foundation that hosts a large range of artefacts, garments and publications reflecting the traditions and customs of Greece with the emphasis on ethnography, fashion, and children. From children’s toys to olde world maps, a fascinating journey through time can be enjoyed by all.

Once you have delved a little into the area’s past, come back to the 21st century with a trip to the cultural centre of Fougaro. Once the location of a tomato canning factory, the building was converted into a vibrant centre for the arts & sciences, with exhibitions, concerts, art workshops, a funky cafe and art shop. Children can take part in theatre play and creative games such as “Getting to Know Autumn’ while adults can enjoy a wide range of contemporary Greek cuisine in Le Café restaurant after admiring the works in the Gallery, which has hosted the works of many famous names such as Herbert Mehler and Francesco Moratti. 

In fact, just walking around the city of Nafplion will give you an insight into how important art has been throughout the city’s history and how much a part of the everyday life of its residents, from the elaborate neoclassical buildings now turned into banks or museums and the private collections in beautifully preserved houses that are open for the public to appreciate.

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