Plages de l'Argolide

June 7th 2019 Plages de l'Argolide

Located in the Argolis, Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat is an excellent base from which to reach a variety of appealing attractions in the region. When exploring the Argolis, you will come across a picturesque and varied landscape dotted with orange groves, ancient monuments and sites of cultural and historical significance, as well as cosmopolitan Nafplio, the former Greek capital. Head towards the coast from any of these remarkable features and you will likely come across the other gem of the region, the beautiful shoreline of the Argolis. Due to their easy access, clear blue waters and range of activities, these beaches offer something for every interest.

Beaches south of Nafplio

Closest to Nafplio you will find Arvanitia, a pebbled beach in the southern part of the town. Aside from its sheltered aspect, you will enjoy the magnificent views of the Palamidi fortress and Nafplio's oldest castle, Acronafplia. One of the most popular beaches in the region is Karathona, which you can reach by taking a pleasant stroll from Arvanitia. This sandy spot has a number of irresistible aspects, including the exotic feel of the groves of palm trees and the wonderful scents of eucalyptus and olive trees. Next on the coastline is a favorite among visitors and locals; the well-organized, sandy beach at Tolo owes its popularity to its crystalline waters. Take full advantage with a morning visit and you'll see the reflection of the sun's rays transform the bay. For those curious about what is beneath the surface, try snorkelling or diving to catch a glimpse of the fish at Kastraki. One of the best ways to explore the unique richness of the region is to combine a trip to Ancient Asini with an exploration of the rich underwater flora found in the deeper waters that can be accessed from the quiet beach.

Further south you will encounter a succession of pretty beaches with calm seas including Plaka Drepano, named after the large pieces of plaque found in some parts of the seabed. Neighbouring Drepano is the pebble beach of Vivari, where you'll be enchanted by the series of coves, whose waters are known for their intriguing mix of blues and greens. The majority of those stunning beaches are in walking distance of local taverns, so as the day draws to a close, be sure to sample the excellent fresh fish and appreciate the breathtaking colors of the setting sun. For stunning scenery in a peaceful spot, you can head to two of the larger beaches in the area; at Kondyli beach include a visit to the picturesque church of St. Nikolaos or seek pleasure in the castle and seafood taverns near Kantia beach.

Beaches west of Nafplio

Traveling west from Nafplio, you are certain to encounter the inimitable charm of the region in quaint ports, villages and harbors. Near the village of Argolida, Nea Kios beach is popular with surfers and those who seek out the shallows for the therapeutic properties of the mud and algae. Satisfy your culture craving and travel back in time in Lerna, where you can mix a visit to "The House of Tiles", a terracotta palace from around 2,500 BC, with a relaxing afternoon at the lovely pebble beach and harbor at Myloi. Alternatively, find out what the region's east coast has to offer by combining a visit to the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a trip to the beach at Paralia Neas Epidavrou for spectacular views and the tranquil sea.

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