Histoires de vigne

March 5th 2018 Histoires de vigne

Why not discover Argolida through its vines, as you take a tour around what is classed as one of the most important wine regions in southern Greece. The mild climate and rich landscape make the area just perfect for the Aghiorgitiko grape, which produces a deep red, full bodied glass.

Setting your base as Nafplion, it is possible to travel to all of the essential archeological sites and must-sees while traversing abundant orange orchards and generous olive groves.

Stopping off at local vineyards for some tasting to help you on your way. Small family producers have managed to not only preserve but perfect the art of wine-making to the extent that their bottles are up there with any self-respecting French or Italian label. Wines produced in the viticultural zone of Nemea in north-west Argos are actually Protected Designation of Origin, and are well known for their excellent flavours.

Apart from the revered Aghiorgitiko, there are other varieties cultivated which one must try, not only for their taste but also because it may not be possible to find them outside of Greece. Assyrtiko and Roditis are light and crisp, reminiscent of summer evenings and seafood mezzes while the local Cabernet and Merlot deserve a place at anyones table. A jaunt to cosmopolitan Porto Heli boasts an aromatic Rokaniaris while Savatiano and Moschofilero can be found throughout the land. The latter is an intriguing wine, beginning life as a pink grape which is vinified in such as way as to produce an aromatic white wine with an extremely floral bouquet. The Moschofilero, is mainly grown in the Peloponnese and specifically in the area of Mantineia. Make sure to include all of the above in your list of tempting appellations.

It is no wonder that Mycenaeans settled in this area and flourished into one of the most impressive civilizations from 1,600 to 1,000, followed by the Doric tribes, the Romans, Venetians, Franks and Ottomans. After all, wine has always been a symbol of a nations health and of cultural importance since ancient times. So, when next in Argolida, make sure that you spend time getting to know its stories through its grapevines.

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