Une vie saine ancrée dans l'histoire

October 6th 2018 Une vie saine ancrée dans l'histoire

What could be simpler than picking a juicy lemon from its tree just as it ripens or pulling fresh aubergines from the soil in time for dinner? Tastes and flavours untainted by additives, which have not undergone any genetic modification but have grown naturally under the warm sunshine have always been the traditional source of nourishment in Greece, both in rural areas and the cities. In fact, those who favour the recent trend of a return to ‘farm-to-table’ dining will find everything they seek here.

Since ancient times, olives have been an integral part of the country’s gastronomical culture, while figs and wild honey were always consumed in great quantities.

Wheat and barley were staple grains, with pulses having great nutritional value. Dishes were flavoured with wild oregano, rosemary or thyme gathered from the surrounding areas and are still familiar flavours in many traditional recipes. Wine played a major part in the everyday household and flowed as freely as water while dairy produce was valued much more than red meat. One only has to look at the menu selection of any Greek restaurant today to see that its dishes are composed from all of the above in some form. Not a lot has actually changed in the way fresh ingredients are prepared and served since ancient times and a good example is stuffed vine leaves, one of the oldest dishes that continues to be handmade in many homes. Vegetable based casseroles, lentil broths and baked legumes cooked in extra virgin olive oil and mountain herbs continue the legacy of this delicious culinary heritage.

At Perivoli we wholeheartedly adhere to the farm-to-table philosophy, not only because everything tastes so much better, but also as this is what our ancestors have been doing for thousands of years. The term ‘organic’ is not really needed in the Greek vocabulary, since historically everything that was consumed was freshly sourced.

Traditional dishes which have put Greece on the global gastronomy map and are renowned for their healthy properties are still based on simple vegetables, local fish and dairy farm produce. Healthy eating never went ‘out of fashion’ in Greece and the abundance of seasonal ingredients ensures a wide variety of deliciously succulent dishes every day of the year.

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