Produits locaux d'un paysage luxuriant

June 9th 2019 Produits locaux d'un paysage luxuriant

Situated in the village of Pyrgiotika, Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat is located in Argolis, a part of the region of the Peloponnese. The area is known for its verdant countryside which hosts groves of orange trees, an abundance of olive trees and produces a variety of delectable foodstuffs including grapes, tomatoes, cheeses and meat dishes. Fond memories are made enjoying the panorama of the beautiful landscape and then reinforced by savoring its wonderful produce.

As you travel through the inviting scenery of Argolis, you'll soon discover that each town and village has its own speciality. The city of Argos, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, is famous for two mouth-watering fruits, melons and apricots. Look out for the rich orange color of Argos melons, which have a unique elongated shape and ripen later than other types of melon, and experience their distinct exquisite flavor. Perhaps the best way to sample the fragrant apricots that the city is known for, is to try one of the incredible homemade jams, ideally on hot traditional bread for the perfect breakfast or mid-morning snack! Nestled at the foot of Arachnaion mountain near the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus sits Lygourio, where acres of olive trees produce their renowned extra virgin olive oil, which has protected designation of origin (PDO). Produced from the Manaki olive variety, the local conditions combined with the expertise and passion of the producers results in one of the most delicious olive oils you will ever taste.

The rich soils of the area deliver exceptional fresh fruit. Known as the gold of Argolis, oranges are the most prevalent local produce you will encounter, and it is sure to be a pleasant one, whether breathing in the sweet scent of orange blossom or tasting the rich, juicy flesh of the fruit. The plains of Argolida are full of orange trees, which yield around 300,000 tons per year; naturally orange-based desserts, including portokalopita (orange filo pastry cake) are popular in the region and make a great way to try this full-flavored fruit. A visit to the area wouldn't be complete without a taste of handmade Gkogkes, a shell-shaped local pasta made from flour, water and salt. In the hands of the experts, you can experience the amazing flavor of this dish topped with local manouromyzithra cheese and hot oil. Other delicious dishes to anticipate are suckling pig from Fichti, giossa, a sheep or goat dish cooked in traditional stone ovens from Midea, or artichoke dishes from the specialty produce of Iria.

Of course, all of this fine food needs an accompaniment and the region delivers just that with the superb Agiorgitiko wine, named after Saint George, a former name of the city. You can recognize the Nemea-Agiorgitiko PDO by its dark ruby color; the grapes are most commonly used to make a full-bodied aromatic red wine. The altitude of Nemea, once an ancient religious sanctuary, makes it ideal for growing this variety of grape, which is among the oldest indigenous grapes of Greece. For a complete experience see the 100-year old vines that grow in the area, learn about the winery process and sip a glass of this captivating red wine while looking out over the endless vineyards.

Our Farm-to-Table Restaurant offers you some of the finest wines from a well-curated list, featuring Peloponnese wines from both small, family-run wineries and internationally renowned Peloponnese winemakers – along with delicious lunches or three-course dinners, prepared with seasonal, organic and local ingredients.

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