Perivoli fête ses 11 ans: Un regard en arrière et en avant

juillet 31e 2022 Perivoli fête ses 11 ans: Un regard en arrière et en avant

It almost feels like yesterday when Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat opened its doors on July 31, 2009. Over the past 11 years, many of our guests have asked us repeatedly how the original idea of our hotel was born, what the Greek word περιβόλι (perivoli) actually means and what the story behind our logo is.

Today, on our 11-year anniversary, we are going to answer those questions, introduce a new family member and share some other very exciting news with you.

A dream is born

The two hotel co-owners and co-managers, Evagelos Karpatselis and Alexandros Kastrinos, originally met while studying economics at the University of Athens. However, it wasn't until years later and following their Master's degrees in economics and business administration at the University of Sheffield and the University of Southampton respectively, that Evagelos and Alexandros would eventually return from the United Kingdom and reunite in Greece as they prepared for their obligatory military service.

Evagelos had long doubted that he should step into his father's shoes and become a full-time farmer as well. But the very moment he remembered his father's orange grove in the outskirts of Nafplio and told Alexandros about it, a dream was born.

Still in their mid-twenties, Evagelos and Alexandros immediately started planning and implementing their vision of an authentic Greek hotel nestled amidst the serene natural surroundings of verdant hills, olive trees and orange groves. Finally, in June 2007, the construction works began.

Περιβόλι (Perivoli)

The next challenge was not long in coming: A suitable name for the hotel needed to be found.

In the old days, farmers referred to their groves as their gardens. The Greek language has a word that describes a blooming garden full of flowers and vegetables—and that word is περιβόλι (perivoli). Considering the hotel's surroundings of wildflowers, vegetables and fruit trees, perivoli would be the ideal name to not only express the hotel's natural environment, but also its green and sustainable concept as well as its emphasis on agritourism. For more details, please visit our Green Policy.

And so it came to be that 26 months after the initial start of the building works and situated on a hilltop right in the middle of Evagelos' father's perivoli, Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat eventually opened its doors on July 31, 2009.

A new family member

That was eleven years ago and we can honestly say that our journey so far has been simply amazing. Only days ago, we have been awarded with yet another Recognition of Excellence Award and since the beginning of this season, we even have a new family member!

Our Farm-to-Table Restaurant has been serving authentic and delicious dishes based on the seasonal bounty of our land for many years. Due to popular demand, however, we are now also accepting bookings from external guests who haven't booked a hotel room.

This organizational change within the Perivoli family required us to reconsider the look and feel of our existing hotel logo and to provide our new family member with its own individual visual appearance.

The Perivoli logo(s)

Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat Logo RetinaFrom the very early days, there has always been a philosophy of sustainability and respect for nature at the very heart of what we do. It is and will always be a big part of our DNA. The integration of our premises into their natural environment has therefore become a central visual element of our hotel logo.

The hand-drawn orange, on the other hand, refers to the orange trees that are surrounding the hotel, as well as to our hand-made dishes and specialities. The outline of the tree shows 13 shapes, symbolizing the 13 rooms of the hotel.

Perivoli Farm-To-Table Restaurant Logo RetinaFor the brand new logo of our Farm-to-Table Restaurant, we have replaced the orange with a hand-drawn olive, indicating that we base our (hand-made) dishes on ingredients from our own perivoli as well as from local producers and the wild and pure Greek countryside. The four windows which are visible in the hotel logo have been exchanged for a fork, a knife and a spoon on a folded napkin.

Due to the deep connection of our restaurant with nature and our dishes using organic and seasonal ingredients of our local lands, the overall setting of the visual restaurant elements inside the tree remained unchanged. This also helps in identifying the new restaurant logo as the little brother of our hotel logo.

A better, faster website

In order to provide our visitors and guests with a much more responsive booking experience and more useful content, we have also launched a brand new website just recently. If you haven't visited it yet, this is your chance to do so.

Thanks to an interactive attractions map, you are now able to plan your vacation at Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat better and faster. Simply locate the nearby archaeological sites, museums, monasteries, natural highlights, beaches and even islands with a single click.

Perivoli Attractions Map Argolis Nafplio Sightseeing

You may also want to browse through our brand new and extensive FAQ section, take a look at our gallery, scroll through our most recent awards and certifications or simply get inspired with our interesting blog articles on local traditions, cultural highlights, outdoor activities and events. And just in case you speak German, we now even have a dedicated German language option for you. Herzlich willkommen!

Moving forward

Not too long ago, περιβόλι was merely a dream and a word on a paper. Today, we couldn't be more proud to live that dream every single day and to see the Perivoli family grow. As we look ahead into the future full of excitement, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all our guests for your continued support and for 11 wonderful and unforgettable years. Our sincere gratitude also goes to our remote digital marketing agency, the REMOTE AGENCY.

We will continue to strive to provide all of our guests with authentic Greek hospitality and the best possible accommodation and dining experiences. It is our biggest pleasure to serve you at our Country Hotel & Retreat and our Farm-to-Table Restaurant and we look forward to having you with us.

Welcome to Perivoli!

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