Promenez-vous du côté sauvage

June 23rd 2019 Promenez-vous du côté sauvage

Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat sits in the heart of the Argolis and as a Hikers Friendly hotel, it is well situated for such outdoor pursuits. There are many options for walks in the area, depending on your energy levels and interests. Some can take you through wild scenery with unequalled vistas while others lead to a unique place of cultural or historical interest. Read on about some of our suggestions and decide for yourself which one to do first! 

Summer Stroll - A good walk to do in summer is the short one from Nafplio town to Karathona Beach, which is just 2.5 km away, via the sea road. Begin your walk from the main car park in the town and enjoy the coastline vistas until you get to the small bay, where you will find four picturesque little churches, one of them supposedly dating back to the 15th century. 

River Roam - The Erasinos River runs through Nea Kios, a small traditional fishing village full of fish taverns and coffee shops. Beginning where the colourful kaiki (fishing boats) are moored, make your way along the river as it meanders inland and then turn back towards the beach until you reach the Roumani swamp. Various bird species can be spotted here as this is one of the most important wetland habitats of the Argolis Prefecture.

Tall Stories - Mentioned in Greek mythology for its fresh water springs and a bottomless lake said to lead to the underworld, Myli is a little village full of interesting facts. The walk up the hill to its Frankish tower, also known as Princess Tower, is the highlight. Melancholy abandoned trains which used to run from Corinth to Kalamata until 2010 punctuate the route on old train tracks. From the tower ruins, there are great views of the coast both to the North and South, which you can enjoy while having a welcome picnic. 

Sacred Paths - The 2,500 year old country road from Ancient Epidaurus to Asclepius was once tread by the ancient Athenians on their way to the "health" center. Known as the "healing path", you can spend a few hours walking through scenic countryside along a dry creek lying at the bottom of a low ravine edged by pines and aromatic bushes. Only about 2 km in total, it is a lovely way to immerse yourself in the beauty and mystery of the area. 

Golden Steps - Drive to the church of Ioannis Theologos at Nea Epidavros and then head on foot towards Chrysospiliotissa, or Gold Cave. Sitting at a height of about 700 meters in the Acharneo Mountain, the views on the way up are truly outstanding. Pass the tiny village inhabited mainly by goats and chickens until you arrive at the cave, which houses a tiny little church adorned with Byzantine icons. Truly a golden opportunity to marvel at this sacred spot which has remained mostly unknown until now.

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