La passion de Pâques à Nauplie

October 6th 2018 La passion de Pâques à Nauplie

The Orthodox Easter is a very special week-long festival that is still celebrated all over Greece during which traditional customs are very much adhered to. One of the best places to experience this wonderful time of the year is in Nafplion, where the beautiful spring landscape resonates with a real air of renewal.

The freshly whitewashed houses and alleyways convey the anticipation of a new beginnings while vibrant geraniums are in full bloom on every verandah.

As the lead up to Easter Sunday unfolds, you will be able to experience solemn religious processions, taste succulent seasonal delicacies and join in the joyous celebrations which begin on the night of the resurrection when the Venetian port is lit up in a mesmerising spectacle. Holy Thursday symbolizes the crucifixion of christ and the churches stay open all night as the faithful keep vigil and begin the preparation of the ‘funeral bier’. Good Friday sees the solemn mourning procession through the picturesque narrow streets and the decorated Epitaphs from the main churches meet in the central Syntagma Square accompanied by local choirs and the Philharmonic Orchestra. On Holy Saturday the whole town gathers for the jubilant resurrection liturgy and to welcome the ‘holy light’ amidst cries of ‘Christ has risen!’, which is a truly moving moment to witness.

The month-long fast of Lent is now broken in each home, where families gather to crack red-dyed eggs as a symbol of rebirth and to enjoy a special lemon soup of lamb livers and fresh greens. From early Easter Sunday morning, aromas of roast lamb on the spit fill the air and the sound of laughter and traditional Greek music ring throughout the town as the locals commence the celebrations. A sumptuous culinary feast continues throughout the day, accompanied by copious amounts of wine and dancing.

Nowhere else can one enjoy such a stunning setting, colourful traditions and the joys of spring than at enchanting Nafplion at Easter.

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