Monastery of Malevis tour

Let us take you on a journey of faith and discovery to explore one of the most renowned and impressive monasteries of Kynouria.

The tour begins with a scenic drive to Astros together with an expert local guide. From there, you venture into the serene and picturesque cedar-covered area of Agios Petros Kynourias, nestled on the slopes of the majestic Mount Parnon. Here, the magnificent Holy Monastery of Panagia Malevis stands tall and proud, with its history dating back to 717 AD.

The monastery is home to the miraculous icon of the Assumption of the Virgin, painted by the Evangelist Luke, and is a place of pilgrimage for the faithful. As we explore the monastery, we will immerse ourselves in its sacred atmosphere, marvel at its impressive architecture, and gain a deeper understanding of its historical and spiritual significance.

Along the way, we visit the Loukou Monastery and the Monastery of Palaiopanagia, which offer further insight into the spiritual legacy of the region. If you choose, we can even stop for lunch in one of the charming villages nestled amidst the firs.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore the religious heritage of Greece and get a glimpse into the beauty and depth of the Greek Orthodox faith.